How a Maintenance Plan Benefits You

Maintenance is one of life’s necessities.

You maintain your vehicle, home, and property here in the Pacific Northwest because neglecting them would undermine their longevity and compromise your comfort, safety, and budget.

Preventative maintenance is every bit as essential for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system as it is for your home and car. Your HVAC system benefits from annual tune-ups that can boost energy efficiency and prevent minor problems from becoming major safety hazards or causing a system breakdown. 

You can schedule an annual maintenance visit every year, or you can buy a maintenance plan that packages tune-ups with other benefits. Most plans include once- or twice-annual maintenance, savings on repairs and equipment replacement, VIP customer service, and scheduling reminders. 

Find a Dealer

At Carrier Northwest, we can connect you with an expert HVAC team through our directory of Carrier dealers. We work with professionals in Oregon, Washington, and Montana who provide heating and cooling system maintenance, repair, and installation. Many of them also offer maintenance plans.   

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Why Join a Plan?

Membership in a maintenance club or service plan can help you stay on top of seasonal tune-ups. Most HVAC professionals recommend maintaining your furnace or boiler in early fall before the heating season begins.

Spring is the best time for your air conditioning checkup, and a heat pump merits a tune-up twice annually. 

Many maintenance plans send reminders when it is time to schedule an inspection and tune-up. Plan members typically get first-in-line treatment when booking a maintenance visit and favored status for emergencies and after-hours service. A maintenance plan makes good customer service even better. 

Saving Money

Most plans enable you to pay monthly or annually. Some maintenance clubs offer several tiers of benefits and corresponding costs. A basic plan, for example, might not include free furnace condensate and blower cleaning you would get with a more expensive tier.

You choose what fits your budget. 

Even the most basic plan will help you save money on energy costs. A clean, tuned-up heating or cooling system uses less energy, which lowers your utility bill. Your Carrier dealer will catch minor issues and fix them before they become costly problems. 

Under most plans, if a problem arises during the heating or cooling season, you receive a discount on repair costs.  

Real-Life Benefits

Here is a sampling of benefits that our Carrier Northwest directory members offer in their maintenance plans:

  • 15 percent discount on parts
  • Same-day service if you have no heat or AC.
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Batteries and filters 
  • No overtime charges for weekday and Saturday calls
  • Priority scheduling and reminders
  • Discounted parts and labor repairs on covered equipment
  • Extended warranty
  • Annual maintenance visit
  • Factory-trained technicians
  • Warranty compliance 

Find a Maintenance Plan Today

Stay on track with your HVAC tune-ups, enjoy excellent customer service, and save money when you purchase a maintenance plan for your heating and cooling system. Check our Carrier Northwest directory for a Carrier dealer in Oregon, Washington, or Montana.  Click our link to find an expert team near you